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Scones are just about to get creative with Jamming Scones!
Each scone is handmade with premium ingredients delicately paired up to elevate your afternoon tea experience.

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Classic Butter 

A classic buttery scone that has a crisp exterior yet light and soft on the inside.

Pairs well with all of our artisan jams and spreads

Singapore Banana

Inspired by the banana confections from you know where, these Singapore Banana scones are topped with oozing banana custard to fill that sweet tooth of yours!


Garnished with crispy dried banana chips for the added crunch.

Pairs well with
Dark Chocolate Hojicha


Matcha Lavender

Well complemented by the mild floral notes from the lavender flowers, this earthy matcha scone with homemade oozing matcha cream is the star for this season!

This star is not just pretty to look at but also extremely delicious to indulge on.

Pairs well with Clotted Cream and also good on itself!

marshmallow new.JPG

Miso Marshmallow

An intriguing sweet and savoury scone made with organic white miso paste, chives and topped with marshmallow.

Bite into these fluffy pillows and you will find that the umami miso flavour is well complemented by the sweetness of marshmallows, making you wanting for more! 

Pairs well with Clotted Cream


Rosemary Parmesan

The best thing about savory scones are that it surprises your palate at first bite and surprises you more as you find yourself chomping away!

Our first savoury scone worked her way up and became one of our most well received scone. 

Pairs well with Garlic Herb Butter &
Garlic Togarashi Butter

butter new.JPG

Honey Pistachio

A sweet scone with hint of floral notes that is well complemented by roasted pistachio.

Pairs well with any of our sweet artisan jams and spreads


Salted Egg Yolk Lava

A lava scone?! Yes you heard us right!


Perhaps the first in Singapore, this scone is filled with the iconic salted egg yolk lava that flows right through our buttery scone and straight into your heart!

The combination of the sweet and savoury salted egg yolk lava accompanied by the light and buttery scone will surely leave you wanting for more!

Pairs well with Clotted Cream


Salted Caramel Apple Crumble

Nothing beats a good old classic Apple crumble made with Granny Smith apples!

This new creation features our buttery scone topped with oven-baked Granny Smith apples that are first sprinkled with generous amount of crumbles, then drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

The flavour of apples and salted caramel works harmoniously together while the crumbles brings a surprise crunchy texture to the ultimate scone experience.


An absolute crowd pleaser!

Pairs well with all of our artisan jams


Osmanthus Dried Longan

When the East meets the West, you get the best of both worlds!

Made with homegrown sundried longans air freight from Taiwan, these babies carries a bold caramel note that is well complemented by the Osmanthus flowers.

Pairs well with Whiskey Orange

bacon scone.JPG

Smoked Bacon
w Maple Syrup


What is afternoon tea without some guilty indulgence? Yet another one of our sweet and savoury creation.

Let the sweetness of the maple syrup guide you to the smokey bacon which brings out the best of both flavours.

Just like the rest of our savoury scones, it's as addictive as it can get!

Pairs well with Strawberry Peach Chia Seed

yu tou.JPG


Made with Taiwan-imported
Da Jia Yam (
大甲芋头) that is known for its richness and fragrance, this creation features a homemade luscious yam paste sandwiched right in between a buttery scone.

Additional chucks of Da Jia Yams are added in the paste to create an elevated experience!

Pairs well with Strawberry Tea

nian gao.JPG

Osmanthus Nian Gao 

Incorporated with one of the classic Chinese New Year snacks - 年糕 (new year rice cake)!

Yes, you heard us right! Sink your teeth into this marvelous festive scone and be indulged in an experience like never before. 

With chewy caramel strings that pull from your mouth at each bite, this got to be our favourite East meets West creation! 

Pairs well with Dark Chocolate Hojicha

sakura new new.JPG

Sakura with White Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts

Adorned with pickled cherry blossom and loaded with chucks of white chocolates, it creates a well balance of taste between the sweet and salty.

Generous portion of macadamia nuts helps elevate the experience with it's creaminess and crunchy bites.

Pairs well with
Raspberry Lychee Rose, Lemon Lavender,
Peach Honey YuzuDark Chocolate Hojicha & Fuji Apple Oolong Osmanthus


Pandan Ondeh Ondeh

A light and fluffy scone made with coconut milk and pandan, an aromatic plant well known for its sweet floral fragrance.


Adorned with homemade Ondeh Ondeh that is filled with oozing Gula Melaka, it's definitely a feast for both the eyes and stomach!

PS: Strictly to be consumed on the day of delivery, do not keep in refrigerator.

Pairs well with Thai Milk Tea & Clotted Cream


Pineapple w Bak Kua

Ahh.. Chinese New Year, another great reason for a guilty indulgence! 

Homemade with Taiwan's pineapple tart filling that is less tart as compared to the local version, Taiwanese pineapple tart fans will surely rejoice over this auspicious snack.

As if it's not already delicious enough, Bak Kua are also added to create a well balance between the sweet and savoury - making this one of our most addictive scone ever!

Pairs well with Pon Kan Pineapple

cranberry scone.JPG

Vodka Cranberry Cream Cheese

First be greeted by the sweet and buttery cranberry scone followed by a creamy vodka cranberry cream cheese filling.

A scone that reminds us of the good old days where we spent our countless nights at Jiak Kim street.

Contains strong amount of vodka.

Pairs well with Raspberry Lychee Rose

pecan scone.JPG

Carrot w Pecan

Spies up your Christmas with some western carrot cake inspired carrot scones!

Generous amount of pecan nuts elevates the scones with it's crunchy texture and smokey taste.


Baked with cinnamon sugar, all it takes is a small whiff before you find yourself chomping away this healthy and irresistible treat! 

Pairs well with Espresso Almond Cashew

pulut hitam solo.JPG

Pulut Hitam

Inspired by one of our favourite old school dessert - Pulut Hitam, a black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk.


This new creation features our homemade Pulut Hitam that is sandwiched right in between a black glutinous rice scone. 

Biting into such tasty rice flavoured treat is like indulging in a bowl of Pulut Hitam, but better!

Pairs well with Summer Breeze
Clotted Cream


Matcha with Hokkaido Adzuki Beans Mochi 

Matcha and Adzuki beans, a match made in heaven!


Incorporate that with mochi and scones and you get the ultimate afternoon tea treat!

Good on itself! 


Strawberry Lavender

She made her first appearance on Mother's Day 2020.

A moist scone accompanied with sweet and sour fresh strawberries that represented the bittersweet journey of a motherhood.

Lavenders? Well, no one can say
no to edible flowers!

Pairs well with Lemon Lavender


Italian Sun Dried Tomato & Herb ​

Traditionally a staple in Southern Italy where fresh tomatoes were not always readily available, these versatile sun dried tomatoes brings along an unique sweet-tart flavour that enhances the sweetness of the scone. 


Further seasoned with a dash of Italian mix herbs, it further intensify the aroma of this water-mouthering treat.


A perfect afternoon treat by itself, or as a side with soup!

Pairs well with Garlic Herb Butter

choco mochi.JPG

Valrhona Choc w
Dark Choc Hojicha Mochi


Produced by the world's finest chocolate manufacturer in the small village of Tain L'Hermitage (France), Valrhona's Chocolates are well known for it's rich and sophisticated chocolate taste. 


By incorporating that into our scones, it creates a rich chocolatey experience that no chocolate fan could resist.


But of course, at Jamming Scones, we don't just stop there! We further elevate this delectable scone with our homemade milk mochi that is filled with one of our classic Valrhona's Dark Chocolate Hojicha spread. 


Now... how more irresistible can it get?

Good on itself!


Salted Caramel w Stroopwafel & Pecan

First made in the city of Gouda (Netherlands), stroopwafel is a well-known Dutch treat that is popular throughout the whole of Europe.

Stroopwafel is a waffle cookie made from two layers of sweet baked dough held together by caramel filling.

When biting into this flavoursome scone, you will first be greeted by the luscious sea salt caramel followed by the sweet and buttery stroopwafel. 


Lastly, chopped pecans provides an added crunch while balancing the sweetness with it's nutty taste. 

Pairs well with Fuji Apple w Osmanthus jam

earl grey.JPG

Earl Grey

A delicate and aromatic scone for all tea fanatics.

Pairs well with Earl Grey Milk Tea


Okinawa Brown Sugar w
Milk Mochi


Drizzled with Okinawa Brown Sugar, the scone is elevated with an incredible depth of flavor with a smoky malt-like note.


Accompany that with a piece of handmade milk mochi sandwiched in between the scone for that amazing texture which creates the element of surprise that comes along with each bite. 

Pairs well with
Dark Chocolate Hojicha 

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