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Scones are just about to get creative with Jamming Scones!
Each scone is handmade with premium ingredients delicately paired up to elevate your afternoon tea experience.

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Classic Butter 

A classic buttery scone that has a crisp exterior yet light and soft on the inside.

Pairs well with all of our artisan jams and spreads

nian gao.JPG

Osmanthus Nian Gao


Incorporated with one of the classic Chinese New Year snacks - 年糕 (new year rice cake)!

Yes, you heard us right! Sink your teeth into this marvelous festive scone and be indulged in an experience like never before. 

With caramel strings that pull from your mouth at each bite, this got to be our favourite East meets West creation! 


Pairs well with Taiwan Ponkan Pineapple or Apricot Vanilla Bourbon


Matcha Lavender

Well complemented by the mild floral notes from the lavender flowers, this earthy matcha scone with homemade oozing matcha ganache is the star for this season!

This star is not just pretty to look at but also extremely delicious to indulge on.

Pairs well with Clotted Cream and also good on itself!

image_6483441 (5).JPG

Orh Nee Mochi


Made with Taiwan-imported
Da Jia Yam (
大甲芋) that is known for its richness and fragrance, this creation features a luscious yam paste topped with homemade milk mochi. 

Holding the goodness together is a nutty and wholesome scone base made with black glutinous rice flour. 


Pairs well with Clotted Cream and also good on itself!

butter new.JPG
image_6483441 (4).JPG

Tie Guan Yin
Dark Chocolate


Tie Guan Yin, an exclusive tea that were savoured by the Imperial Court before it became accessible to the general public.

By pairing it up with Varlhona Dark Chocolate, you get the ultimate creation that both chocolate and tea lover can say YES to!

While you immerse yourself in the gourmet chocolate experience, be pleasantly surprised as the fragrant notes from Tie Guan Yin greets you from time to time.

*Garnished with chocolate sauce and dark chocolate chips*

Pairs well with Clotted Cream and also good on itself!

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