Scones are just about to get creative with Jamming Scones!
Each scone is handmade with premium ingredients delicately paired up to elevate your afternoon tea experience.

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Classic Butter 

A classic buttery scone that has a crisp exterior yet light and soft on the inside.

Pairs well with all of our artisan jams and spreads

Christmas Cranberry

The delicate buttery scone gets an upgrade this Christmas with some sweet dried cranberries!

Topped with homemade cranberry and morello cherry jam, it creates a perfect balance between the sweet and the sour. 

Every bite is like a fresh bite because it's just so refreshing at taste!

Pairs well with Clotted Cream and also good on itself!


Matcha Lavender

Well complemented by the mild floral notes from the lavender flowers, this earthy matcha scone with homemade oozing matcha ganache is the star for this season!

This star is not just pretty to look at but also extremely delicious to indulge on.

Pairs well with Clotted Cream and also good on itself!

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Jolly Dark Chocolate Cointreau

Christmas is all about giving but we won't judge if you choose to keep this particular scone aside for yourself!


A rich chocolatey scone made with premium Valrhona Dark Chocolate. 

Dressed with succulent

Orange and Cointreau jam* made exclusively for this creation. 

*contains alcohol

Pairs well with Clotted Cream

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Santa's Butterscotch Espresso

The ultimate treat for Santa Claus to get him through the busy night!


Made with the illy's gourmet selection - Ethiopia coffee that is well known for it's floral notes. One could expect an explosive coffee aroma right at first bite.

Sweet butterscotch sauce and crunchy almond & cashew bits gives this amazing creation it's perfect finishing touches!

Pairs well with Dark Chocolate Hojicha, 
Clotted Cream
 and also good on itself!